New start!

I’ve been keeping a blog in for several years However, the habit of blogging seemed to be gone after Facebook & Twitter occupied most of my time on line. As my school life at BU comes to an end in a month, I think I need to do something to keep track of the beautiful life here in Boston.

Well, the story began 2 years ago when I got the admission from BU in April 2009. I was beyond excited because it had always been my dream to study in the US. First, I’ve been a loyal Backstreet Boys fan since I was 11, so I always wanted to experience the life in their country and hoped to see a concert in the US. Second, I’m a big sports fan, especially basketball, baseball & tennis. So Boston is a perfect place for me to watch NBA & MLB games, and it’s not too far to travel to NYC to see US open. And of course, the curriculum of BU’s Communication program is interesting! Therefore, I carried a lot of dreams and took a long long flight to the States.

Luckily, I had lots of my dreams came true. Well… my memories might fade, the photos could refresh my brain. When looking at the pictures, I still can feel living the dreams & memories again. The blog is about the dreams I achieved, places I like to go & people I love in the US, my sports experience and the new dreams I’m discovering. Things may appear in random order. Anyway, let the story begin. 🙂


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