[BSB Taiwan 2015] Gift ideas – Handmade cards

Whenever I got a chance to meet BSB, I want to make the best of it. This was the first time I got to meet all 5 of them together, without barricade, and in my country. I have to make it very special.

Since I had to make 1 card for each one of them, for both Betty and I. Totally I had to make 10 cards. It was a big task for me; therefore, I had to use the most efficient ways:

  • Consistent style – It will be easier for me to cut and paste
  • Easy to read –  As I know, they get tons cards everyday, and they have very limited time to read on the road
  • A little bit of customization, with their favorite colors and nice pictures
  • Something that can represent our country – In Boston, it was easy to use the big sport teams like Celtics (Nick’s fave) and Red Sox. But what can represent Taiwan and not too strange to them? I’ve been racking my brain for this.

After brainstorming and drafting for weeks, finally I got these ideas.

  • Taiwan Loves BSB cards
  • Fortune cookies with a special message inside
  • A special gift for my favorite Howie D


About the cards:

The original idea was from postcards. I wanted something that they can read right away, not in envelopes. Postcard is also a classic souvenir for tourists or travelers. It could be a memorabilia of their short visit in Taiwan.


So I got corrugated paper and cut them into squares (inspired by Instagram). The texts are cut from colored paper. Although it took a lot of time and effort to cut and paste texts, I thought it looked better than handwritten texts with markers. I also added a tagline to highlight their 22nd anniversary.


Here comes my favorite part – the stamps. What makes a postcard special is the stamp and postmark on it, which tells the date and place they travelled. I found a postmark sample, and customized it with “BSB, April 30 2015, TW” by Adobe Illustrator. I printed the stamps with 7-11 photo quality paper, and it turned out pretty good!

In addition to the stamps and the writing area, I put a picture of me and BSB on each card. For Betty’s, she asked me to photoshop a picture of her and her babies. That was a smart move. Kevin did notice Betty’s lovely babies!

Finally, I attached the fortune cookies on the back of the cards. Done!P1000506

It was a wonderful feeling to see the my cards in the Boys hands from the VIP pictures. There are so many things I wanted to say to them, but the time for meet & greet is very short. Though the cards, at least I could tell them how much I appreciate their music, and how much I want to thank them for all the memories and inspirations.

I guess maybe Kevin did read my card. In the card, I mentioned that it has been a long time since Kevin visited Taiwan in 1996 for CD promotion. During the soundcheck party, Kevin said this was his first time in Taiwan, apparently he didn’t remember 1996. But later in the concert, Kevin said this was his second time here, and he mentioned the promotion tour in 1996. That made me wonder if he really read my card. I hope all of them did. 🙂


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