10 Things I Love the Most about In A World Like This Tour

Today in Mexico is the last date of In A World Like This Tour. As I’m putting together all my favorite IAWLT Tour memories in my 4th book about BSB, I think it’s time to pick 10 of my favorite things about this tour to remark the milestone. Here are my top 10 favorite moments of IAWLT Tour, especially for the show in Taiwan on April 30, 2015.

1. All 5 of BSB Together

Kevin’s back! The dynamic of all 5 of them together is so right, and it felt like Kev has never left. The harmony, the choreography, and the interaction on stage – Everything was so perfect with Kevin around. I loved Unbreakable and This Is Us Tour. But with all 5 of BSB together on IAWLT tour, it’s a whole new level of awesomeness.

IAWLT Tour 1

2. Original Choreography

I’ve seen the Boys doing the hat dance of All I Have to Give during Unbreakable Tour. But this time, they brought back the original choreography with the complete song, wearing the stunning blue suits. It was just like the original music video, like my childhood heroes walked out of the TV into my real life. What a beautiful dream come true.

We’ve Got It Going On was another highlight of the concert, it brought out the fangirl in me completely. It was the 1st song of the 1st BSB album. I remember jumping and screaming around the TV for the music video when I was about 10, they were so young too. Look at the Boys now, they did not age at all. They still made us scream the roof off with the original basketball jump shot dance move, the perfect harmony, and the “ahhhhh” sound.

Please keep it original. I’m dreaming about seeing the original chair dance of As Long As You Love Me someday.


3. The Energy of New Songs

BSB has the magic to make every new song sounds even better with live performance. I love the sweetness and ohh-whoo of Love Somebody, the energy of Permanent Stain, the beautiful cellphone light and Kevin’s charm of Breathe, and the touching feelings of Show Em What You’re Made Of.

All five of them had the moment to shine when performing In A World Like This. I love the positive message they conveyed with the song, and they show us how lucky we are. in a World Like this, we’ve still got them. ❤


4. Acoustic Set

With BSB, less music is always better because their vocal harmony is what they do best. They started off with Drowning acapella, and that brought me to tears immediately. 10,000 Promises brought back memories of A Night Out with BSB concert. The pure and heartwarming vocal of Madeleine is really beautiful.

And never forget the oldie but goodie Quit Playing Games with My Heart. When Howie said “It’s our first single, and still today our favorite song”, Nick doubted, laughed and said “Oh really?”. That was so funny because Howie mentioned more than once that it was his least favorite song now. LOL


5. Howie Shaking it

We all know Howie got the sexy salsa moves. So when Nick’s asked Howie to do the “shuffle thing” with “the very large bass that you have”, it was my personal favorite moment of the show. The Boys played the latino music, Howie walked to the front and did his shuffle moves, the crowd chanted “Howie! Howie! Howie”.

Afterwards, AJ said “I apologize if anyone has nightmare tonight.”, and Howie responded “If you have good dreams, you can thank me tomorrow.” I love Howie with all my heart but I laughed so hard. It’s so good to see the them enjoy the time and have fun on stage.

6. The Short Video Clips

The Boys are always creative about the videos when they’re changing outfits. This time, they showed us interesting trivia questions like Who’s the Silly one? Who’s the serious one? Who’s the dive? Who’s the Sexiest one? That was so much fun to watch!

7. More Interaction

The Boys seemed to talk more on this tour. They spent more time interacting with us, and there were some special moments. Kevin mentioned it was his first time to perform in Taiwan. Nick introduced all the Boys to the stage. Howie was the sweetest and said”Everything good is made in Taiwan”.

When Brian asked if we want them to come back, we all shouted “Taipei, Taipei, Taipei.” And Brian responded “OK, OK, OK!” The Boys tried their best to make us feel special, and they made us smile from the heart.


8. Party in My Home Country

2 years, 37 countries, 176 shows. Taiwan was truly lucky to be one of the countries that got to witness this amazing show. Every time they said Taiwan, or randomly put Taipei in their lyrics, I got goosebumps. This is such a special feeling that I could not get from anywhere else.

When I was in the US, I had to go to some of the BSB events or M&G by myself. But this time, I got to share the happiness with my dear BSB friends in Taiwan.

It was great to have Betty, Kelly, and Carol doing meet & greet together. We got to calm each other and made sure we looked alright before meeting the Boys. And we can share all the breath-taking dream-come-true memories afterwards. Not to mention doing all the crazy things with Betty. It was so much fun to enjoy the show with the girls!

And my Boston girl Josie. We went to BSB’s concert in Boston, New York, and Orlando, but she has never seen her fave Kevin before. I’m so happy that Josie got to go with me and have our own little after party listening to live recording and singing on the street. Josie was so kind to let me stay at her place and took me to the bus station at 4am, so I could go to the airport and say good-bye to my Boys. I’m forever thankful for that. 🙂


9. Meet & Greet

This is the first time meeting all 5 of the Boys in my country, without a barricade. Oh gosh that was one of the BEST moments in my life. The lineup for the photoshoot was Brian-Kevin-Nick-AJ-Howie, but I wanted to stand with Howie in the middle. I had to work up the nerve and ask Howie, if I remember how to talk.

First I walked up to Brian, said hello and gave him the gifts. He was so nice as always and gave me a sweet hug.

The next was Kevin. I gave him the gift, he looked at it and said “Fortune cookies! I love this!” I told him there’s a special message for BSB inside. When we talked, he looked at me in the eyes and listened carefully. I heard Kevin’s eyes are enchanting, now I know how heavenly amazing it was. Then I opened my arms, and Kevin gave me a long warm hug. It was so nice that I almost forgot to move on until I heard the staffs rushing me to take the picture.

So I quickly moved on to Nick, gave him the gift, and got a super great Nick-style tight hug from him. OMG Nick’s hug is always the best. Then he turned me around and got ready to take the picture. Suddenly I remembered something and said “Oh wait, I want Howie. Can I stand next to Howie?” Nick laughed and called “Howwwieee”, Aj also said “Howie come here”. – I will forever remember how cute Nick’s expression was when he said Howie’s name.

As my wish, Howie came up to me with the smile I love the most, put his arm around me, and the photo was taken. Howie was so close and I almost forgot how to breathe. I didn’t remember if I looked at the camera. I didn’t know where the other Boys were. The world seemed to be blank and all I saw and felt was Howie. Just like before, Howie pat me on the back after the photoshoot. Before I remember how to talk, Howie said to me “Thank you very much for coming. It’s good to see you.” Then I gave him the special gifts. Howie smile sweetly and said thank you.

Then the staffs were rushing again, so I quickly gave the gifts to AJ. I didn’t have a chance to talk to him or hug him this time. Before I left, I shook Howie’s hand again and told him how I happy I am to see him here. I was at cloud nine.

The picture came out the next day, and I completely love it. I still smile like a little girl whenever I look at it.

Dreams do come true.


10. Meeting the Boys at the Airport

When the Boys tour in Asia, there’s more chance to meet them in the airport because they have to travel across countries by air. However, it required a lot of patience and luck. The day after the concert, Betty and I went to the airport at 6 am and started waiting for any flight departing to Singapore. We waited over 6 hours, running across terminals, and finally saw the Boys coming at noon! The best thing was getting my first ever selfie with Howie. He was so kind when I asked for a quick photo with him. I got handshakes from Kevin, Howie, Brian and AJ and said good-bye to them. Betty also got a perfect selfie with Kevin. We hated to say good-bye, but this was the best ending of our IAWLT adventure. IMG_7137

Dearest Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ & Nick,

Thank you for coming to Taiwan. Thank you for all the amazing memories that are even better than dreams. I miss you already. Until we meet again. ❤


Photo credit: The amazing fan and professional photographer – Betty


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