11 Years of “Never Gone”

June 14, 2005. Never Gone was released. I remember getting the Japan Import CD right after school one week before the official release date. I remember rushing back to the dorm, and played the CD again and again all through my college life.

11 years later today, I’m listening to this CD. I can still feel the excitement when I first heard Incomplete after the 5-year hiatus. The perfect harmony still touches my heart deeply. Yet, there’s more.




I remember the perfect sing-along during Unbreakable Tour in Taipei. It was the first ever BSB concert in my home country. We sang our heart out and show our Boys how much we love them. I still get goosebumps when I hear the live recording from the show.

Just Want You to Know

I remember meeting the real-life Sphykter during the 2011 Cruise. It was fun and crazy! I gotta say they looked hot in the 80’s outfit!

I Still

It was my favorite song on Never Gone. I remember the first time seeing I Still live was in Boston, This Is Us Tour soundcheck. It was my first soundcheck, front row. I didn’t expect to hear I Still. When the music came out, I was blown away.

However, the best was the Prom Night during the 2011 Cruise, with Kevin. The Boys all dressed up as prom kings and sang for us under the starry sky. I was literally in heaven ❤



I didn’t have special feelings towards Siberia until hearing the Boys sang it at fan events and soundcheck. They put so much heart in the song. The harmony was so pure and beautiful. I could feel how much they love that song.

And they sang it at Fenway Park. ❤


Safest Place to Hide

I always love the acapella version the Boys sang on TRL. It was perfection. So when Kevin joined the Boys at the beach party and sang this song acapella, all 5 of the Boys together, it was definitely a dream come true to me. It was my first time seeing Kevin, and the first time hearing the Boys sang acapella live. I know this was the sound that made me fell in love with them.

B- sides

The best thing about Never Gone is that even the B-sides are awesome! Whenever I feel down, Life Me Up always cheers me up. There were countless times the song cheered me up when I was upside down. I’m forever thankful for the Boys music. They are my favorite sound. Always & Forever. ❤

Ahhhh Memories!


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