Steroline June Wedding

The Vampire Diaries S08E15 might not be the most epic episode ever, but it has the most beautiful moment – Steroline June Wedding. The moment I’ll always remember about TVD.

When I watched TVD for the first time, I was so attracted to Stefan and Elena’s epic love. So it broke my heart when Elena left Stefan for Damon. Though there were too many drama between them, I still felt so sorry for Stefan. I even stopped following every week after season four.

Then one day I decided to pick it up and continue watching from season 5. This time, I was so impressed with Stefan and Caroline’s friendship. They were both so loyal, selfless, and always be there for each other. Stefan helped Caroline become the perfect vampire, even better than her human self. Caroline was always “Team Stefan” when it came to Stelena or Delena love triangle. She was also his sober sponsor. They became best friends. Eventually they fell in love.

螢幕快照 2017-03-06 上午12.08.53.png

Some people said it was forced. Maybe it was not as epic as the “doppelgänger” fate, or full of attractive villain chemistry as Klaroline (I never get the hype about it!). But to me, it was the most natural and pure love in TVD. It was real. Caroline made the broody Salvatore brother laugh and dance, and Stefan clearly made Caroline happy. Caroline never laid an eye on another guy when she was with Stefan. Stefan always fought so hard to get back to Caroline, from heretics, from the huntress, or from even the Devil and hell. They are meant to be.

I was never a “shipper”, but “day by day, bit by bit, year by year”, I became Team Steroline.

The first time I searched for Steroline video and found this, it magnified my support for Steroline.  The song “Unbreakable” was absolutely beautiful, not to mention how perfect Stefan and Caroline are.

And THIS! I love Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph”, not because of “Me Before You”, but of this one. The collage of Steroline moment was so cute.

They’ve been through so much together in the past few years, than most people have in a lifetime. This video pretty much sums up why Steroline is better than true love. I hope KristinaOrtutova will make a video for Steroline like this when the series ends. This is epic and my all time favorite video.

Cute Steroline moments. Who says they don’t have chemistry? This is super sweet!

Stefan’s first proposal. It was pure love and happiness. I became obsessed with “Changing Tides” because of it. It always reminds me of Steroline and makes me smile.

The second proposal was epic. They have literally been through hell, and found the way back to each other. I’m so happy Stefan got to marry his best friend, his happiness and his sunlight in the darkness. Caroline got to live out her childhood dream and marry a perfect guy. They are the silver lining in the dark TVD world.

One episode later, the “June Wedding” happened. It was rushed to allure Katherine, it was not what Caroline thought it to be, but it became something even better in the natural Steroline way. The smile on Stefan’s face when he saw Caroline walk down the aisle said it all. It was pure happiness. They have the most beautiful vows for each other. It didn’t have to be written down or rehearsed, it came from the heart. The dance, the kiss, and the way they look at each other are genuinely sweet and loving. This is one of the most beautiful wedding scenes on TV.


This Friday is the one last episode of TVD. Hope the dramatic TVD writers don’t take the happiness away from Stefan and Caroline. They deserve to be happy together. I know they are fictional characters. I’ve watched them for 8 years and I really feel for them, especially Stefan. Please give him a happy ending, with hero hair up!

And… how can I forget this cute human Stefan moment! LOL



One last scene released for TVD – Mr Salvatore & Mrs Forbes-Salvatore.

This makes me “ship” something for the first time. I don’t care what’s going to happen in the Originals final season. It will always be Steroline.


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