Hello Brother – Goodbye, the Vampire Diaries

8 years. Can’t believe we’ve said good-bye to the Vampire Diaries. I never thought I would tear up for TVD. I knew it would be hard to let go. But one day after the finale, the feeling still haunted me. So now I’m at a Starbucks, trying to get back to my familiar background settings in Boston where I first met TVD, and think about where this feeling came from.

It all started when I was in Boston. I was quite alone in my 580 dorm and tried to find something to watch during dinner. I liked Twlight and YA drama, so TVD caught my eyes. Once I started with the pilot, I continued watching 4 episodes that night. It was unstoppable. 8 years later, I still remember how addicted I was back then.

To be honest, I didn’t find Damon or Stefan attractive at first. It was Elena who I liked. She was this beautiful innocent young girl going through trauma of losing her family. She met this mystery guy in the hallway at school, they fell in love, and changed her life for good. She’s loyal to her friends, she trusted Stefan when she found out what he was. And she’s the first person who saw the good in Damon. Elena was a really likable character and easy to relate to. The unconditional love between Stefan and Elena always melt my heart, even today.

Season 1 to 4 was the best. The introduction of all kinds of supernatural creatures was really cool. First we had vampires, werewolves, witch, and doppelgänger. Then there were the Originals, hunters, Ripper, and even hybrids. The killings were real. I remember it scared me when Klaus killed Jenna, or felt paranoid when Katherine manipulated the Mystic Falls gang in her fingers. I just couldn’t wait to see what was happening in the story, or how on earth Elena would chose Damon over Stefan. It was heart wrenching, but it felt real.

The love triangle was the heart of the show in the beginning. Stefan and Elena’s love was so pure and epic. They survived Katherine, Klaus, humanity-off Stefan, and everything. It was the first thing I loved about the show. However, the love triangle disappeared when Elena chose Damon. Not that I liked to see Elena torn between two brothers. But I felt bad for Stefan. He’s the hero who sacrificed everything, but never got what he deserved. When Elena became a vampire, Stefan lost her due to the stupid sire bond, or Elena’s “feelings for Damon” even after she chose Stefan in the end of Season 4. Remember, he left mystic falls with Klaus to save Damon, so he had to ask Damon to take care of her. Look what it had become. I know Delena was hot, attractive, and exciting, but I never felt anything about it. It wasn’t fair to Stefan.

So my love for the show kind of faded after Season 5, until Caroline came in and saved the day. She has always been good friends with Stefan. She’s was like his Lexi, but it became more. Caroline’s control freakiness never bothered Stefan. They made each other laugh and dance. They are each other’s rock when they had troubles and no body else seemed to understand.

Caroline was the bright light in the sea of darkness not only in Stefan’s life, but the entire story. She’s the optimistic friend Bonnie and Elena needed. She’s a loving daughter who made Liz proud. She helped Tyler when he was suffering from his Werewolf curse. She saw the good in Klaus. She turned Alaric’s life around and raised the twins with him. And eventually, she’s the one who stood by Damon and truly understood how much it hurt to lose Stefan. She’s also the only one who understood how much Stefan needed his brother when everyone else thought Damon was trouble. Somehow, this scene really warmed my heart. Despite of their not-so-happy history, they became the closest famliy who loved Stefan and Liz the most.

In the end, Caroline was one last vampire in the Mystic Falls gang. She lost her mother, husband, and eventually she will lose all her human friends and family. I don’t care if she will go to New Orleans. Caroline has became such an independent character with the strongest heart. I know she will survive everthing and live a good life to honor Liz and Stefan. In the end, she will reunite with Stefan in heaven, and they will love each other forever. This time, no one will tear them apart. That is what I believe.

The finale was heartbreaking yet touching. It was good to see Bonnie save the world again. And now she will live a good life for herself and Enzo, and got her BFF back. It was really heartwarming to see that. She deserves all the happiness in the world.

Damon got to live a human life with Elena, he got what he wanted. But he didn’t look happy. I don’t blame it on Ian’s acting. How could he manage to smile when he lost his beloved little brother and worried that he would never see him again? It was heart-wrenching. But thankfully, he had Elena. Damon became a better man and Elena discovered her new self. Delena was never my thing. But their end game showed how big a person Stefan was. Damon and Elena owe it all to Stefan. The final “Hello Brother” scene brought the story to full circle. It’s the story about the Salvatore brothers after all. It was perfect to see they got back to each other in afterlife.

I couldn’t stop the tears for Stelena’s final scene. Stefan and Elena were always soulmates, even if they were not lovers anymore. They said good-bye in the hallway where they met for the first time, it was another full circle and closure of the story. What really broke me into tears was when Stefan asked Elena to tell Caroline “I will love her forever too” with the wedding ring flashing and the tears in his eyes. Elena hugged Stefan tightly and smiled with tears knowing that he found love and happiness again. That was the unbreakable bond between them. They want each other to be happy, the will always love each other. The final Stelena scene with Never Say Never in the background was epic.

Last night was quite a sleepless night to me. I could not get over what happened to Stefan. It broke my heart to see Stefan sacrificing himself right after the wedding. I wished it didn’t always have to be him, but it was such a Stefan thing to do. He was always the hero of the show. It will always be Stefan.

It was a curse that the Ripper gene happened to the most compassionate vampire on earth. He had to fight hard to control his blood lust, and he had to face the guilt when he was out of control. And he had to grew his hero hair and save the world. I wished the writers would cut him some slack and give him a happy ending. But how can he be happy if Damon was the one who sacrificed. He could not live well when Damon was gone in the beginning of Season 6. Life without Damon would be his eternity of misery.

I remember when I first watched the pilot, I didn’t find Stefan attractive at all. Maybe he did not have “hero hair” back then lol. But Stefan grew on me quickly. His love for Elena was so pure and unconditional. He loved Damon more than anything else in the world, even his own life and happiness. His friendship with Lexi was so bright and beautiful. And his story with Caroline was something even better. They were always there for each other through happiness and heartbreaks. Eventually they fell madly in love again with each other. They’ve been thought hell and came back for each other. They had the most beautiful June Wedding in the TVD universe. So it was devastating to see Stefan leaving Caroline to save the world. But I guess that was how he found peace. He was always so selfless, and Caroline understood that.There was no regret in his life. He knew that Caroline will love him forever, just like how he felt for her. He said his last good-bye to Elena. He found peace with his best friend Lexi, just like what they promised each other in the end of Season 5. He reunited with Damon knowing that his brother has lived a good human life, which was exactly what he wanted to see. He got his redemption. He has Caroline honoring his loving memories for the eternity. I hated that Stefan had to die. But in a way, it may be the only way to end it properly. This is Stefan’s story. This is all about our beloved Stefan, the perfect brother, friend, and husband. Now at peace, but long lives in his loved ones. It was epic.

8 years was a long time. It felt like the characters grew up wth us. Technically vampires don’t age. But we can see how the actors changed over time, and how mature their acting has become. At the end of the day, the “ships” doesn’t really matters to me. I just want them all to be happy when they live, and find peace and reunite with their loved ones eternally. I guess that sent a beautiful message to everyone not only in the TVD universe, but in our real life. I’ll always remember the beautiful friendship, family, love story, magic, and the most epic brotherly love ever. Thank you, and good-bye.


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